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Natural, Realistic Brows

The Ultimate Beauty Hack

There are levels to your brows,

Welcome to The Summit.


Nano Brows​

Next generation microblading is here! Nano is the new IT Girl. With the use of a machine comes better retention, skin integrity, better results, and more skin types being serviced.

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The Process

Where all of the magic happens...

  • The client is asked their desires when it comes to their brows, i.e. thickness, shape, arch, bold or natural style and color.

  • The artist will map the brows according to the client's facial symmetry and showcase the brows to the client.

  • The client approves the mapping and we go over the aftercare and consent form together.

  • The client is numbed if applicable for service.

  • Service begins.

  • Client wakes up to new, beautiful brows!

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Our differences make us beautiful

Due to the complexities of skin, different services must be provided to different skin types. Skin integrity is the highest priority at The Slay Summit.

Click on the Services tab or schedule a virtual consultation if you have questions about which service is best for you!


Delali P.

"Candace is AMAZING. PRECISE. PERSONABLE. PROFESSIONAL. I appreciate that she made me comfortable because this was my first nano session."

Ruby W.

"I had been wanting microblading for a while, but was scared of them not looking good and not being able to do anything about them since they are permanent. After doing some research I ended up choosing The Slay Summit. Candace had plenty of before and after photos plus she is certfied. Candace was so professional and knowledgeable, she was able to look at my skin type and texture and suggest the best service for ME! She was spot on. I ended up getting Nano and I am in love with them! Something else I love is she gives you all of the aftercare information plus a starter kit for healing."

Isi O.

"Thanks Candace! I love love love my brows. The Slay Summit is exactly as her name implies..I'm truly impressed!"

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2:30 pm

(morning availability upon request)


9 am-2 pm



Located in Galleria,

Houston, TX

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Salon is cleaned with barbacide after every appointment.

I only use single-use products,

all blades and needles are

disposed of in a sharps container after every client.

Clients MUST wear a mask to be serviced.